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Master’ Message June 2020


The month of June certainly brings the start of summer. The plans of backyard barbeques, vacations, and time to get out and have fun in the good weather, certainly are thoughts in the mind of most of us. However, due to the unprecedented times we are in, these plans are on hold for the majority of us.

I never thought that my term as Master this time around would pose such challenges. Not being able to be with my brethren on a regular basis is indeed a hindrance to the success of not only our Lodge and Masonry as a whole but our ability to have personal fulfillment of the bonds of social friendship and growth in Masonry. With that said, we still have other ways to remain in contact; phone, social media, and web meetings have given us the ability to keep in touch with one another. And that had been my intention during this period, to tried to remain in contact with all of you; yet, I never thought it would be this long.

Unfortunately, we will be canceling our regular June communication, which probably will bring some added challenges in this situation. Among the activities that are yet to come, we still need to nominate the next line of officers and then vote, so that they can take a position in their respective offices. And be that as it may, probabilities are that we will have to set one or two more meetings before summer ends.

Changing the subject, remember that due to the current situation, LOIs will be conducted online via Zoom, so be sure the Worshipful Master has your preferred email; hence that is the way you will be invited. And as we have always done, let us continue following the Masonic protocol, never bringing politics, religion, or heated opinion into a physical nor online lodge. Apart from that, please remember that we should adhere to the Governor’s and the Most Worshipful Grand Master guidelines.

I wish you all to keep healthy and safe. If there is anything you need or you are in distress, please reach out to me or any of your Lodge officers.


Wor. Micheal J. Leonard

Lodge News

Trinity Lodge is back in the Trowel!

Take a look at page 13 of the Trowel’s Summer 2013 Edition to read my latest article that relates the words and artifacts of today’s modern Freemason to the traditions of the old world as we write the latest chapter in the history of the greatest fraternity.

You can also download a PDF copy here.

Lodge News

Have you read your Trowel lately?

As all brothers of the craft know, The Trowel is a quarterly publication for all masons published by the Grand Lodge of Massachusetts. Trinity Lodge has been mentioned in the magazine a number of times, but we wanted to bring two articles to your attention.

The first article was published in the Summer 2010 Edition and it features our Past Master, Worshipful Dale Prentiss. Dale’s story as a former police officer, little league umpire, and long time Mason will no doubt serve as an inspiration. Please click the link above and read his article on page 30… especially if you’d like to know what happens when Wor. Prentiss asks a potential candidate “Did you ever argue with your Little  League umpire, or shoot him a dirty look?” Like me, I’m sure this article will bring a smile to your face.

The second article we’d like to share was published in the Winter 2012 Edition. Written by me, Bro. J. Graeme Noseworthy, on Page 19 I share my thoughts on the “The Heartbeat of Freemasonry” and what it is that I truly like about being an Ancient Free and Accepted Mason. Stay tuned because in the Spring 2013 issue, I will expand upon these thoughts in an article entitled “The Greatest Museum.” I think you’ll enjoy it.

Do you have an article you’d like to share? If so, please let us know!