Past Masters


G. Wayne Stoddard – 1968
Ronald E. Kidd – 1971
Richard E. Dalton – 1973
Richard J. Stuart – 1975
Thomas H. Davis – 1976
James B. Clemence, Sr. – 1977-1978
Clifford P. Bohnet** – 1983, 1989
Colin P. McCauley – 1986
R. David Perkins – 1987
William F. Landine – 1988
Paul C. Stevenson – 1990
Alan C. Manter – 1991
William H. Young, Sr. – 1992-1993
Robert A. Peete – 1994, 2000
Steven L. Ring – 1995-1996
Keith C. MacKinnon – 1997
William H. Young, Jr. – 2001-2002
Donald A. Brown – 2003-2004
Gary W. Braunhardt – 2005-2007
Glenn D. Merrill – 2008
Jeremiah F. Collins – 2009-2010
Dale S. Prentiss – 2011
Gregory L. Stahl*** – 2012
Ross G. Kenyon – 2013-2014
John D. Hantzis – 2015
Micheal J. Leonard – 2016-2017

*Past DDGM, Fitchburg 13th Masonic District
**Past DDGM, 22nd Masonic District
***DDGM, 23rd Masonic District

Affiliated Past Masters:

Kent Hartig – 1987 – 1988 (Doric Lodge)

What is a Worshipful Master?

The Worshipful Master sits in the east, symbolic of the rising sun, and presides over the lodge, like a president or chairman.

Even if the building faces the wrong direction, the Master is said to be “in the east.” While serving his term as Master, his word is final over the actions of the lodge. He is also responsible, as the ritual instructs, for “setting the Craft to work and giving them good and wholesome instruction for their labor.” He presides over business meetings and the conferral of degrees.

The Master’s jewel of office is the Square, a stonemason’s tool used for checking the angles of cut and smoothed stones. It is not a measuring square, like carpenters use. It’s used to make certain an angle is “true.” It symbolizes virtue.

Masons call the man in charge of the lodge “Worshipful Master,” but that does not mean they “worship” him. In parts of England, mayors and judges are also called “Worshipful” or “Your Worship.” This is a term of honor, from the original intent of the word, meaning, “to give respect.” *

*Adapted From: Freemasons For Dummies

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