Lodge News

Master’ Message February 2020


I want to thank all the brethren for their good wishes during my recent illness. I also want to thank all those that turned out to Brother Seymour’s meeting, where he assumed the ranks as Master during my absence.

This month we will be conferring the Fellow Craft degree on Brother Brendon Farrell as he is ready to continue his journey in Masonry. Please attend this new brother’s journey.

March is here, and spring is upon us. That means it is time to renew and refresh ourselves. Help restore your energy towards Masonry within and without Trinity Lodge. Help stimulate those that have not been to lodge with the refreshment of brotherhood and invite them to their lodge.

It is hard to believe that this term is almost up, with just 4 more meetings before the election of officers. Are you ready to serve? Trinity could use your assistance in any capability you can provide. I would like to see more of our brethren attend lodge. If you are having an issue being able to participate in the lodge, please contact me and I will assist getting you to and from Lodge.

“Our universe gives life only a brief moment to shine- A haven in time, safe from its fiery birth and icy death. The arrow of time creates a bright window in the universe’s adolescence, during which life is possible. But it’s a window that doesn’t stay open for long.” ~Anonymous~


Wor. Micheal J. Leonard